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Welcome to Culori Healing Arts!

Mindful Massage


Essential Oils


Services & Rates

As an individual on your own path, your personal stresses -both physical and mental- affect your well-being differently than anyone else's.  We as humans do have generally common body structure and therefore common functional patterns, but because your habits and environments are unique, your body tells its own story! Each visit, I take into account what you tell me you need from your massage to create your session.

*Price Change effective March 1

Integrative Massage:

A combination of techniques from many different massage modalities and therapies to create a massage customized to each client, each session.  For each session, we first take into account what you tell us you need from your massage and create a general plan of action. During the massage, we pay attention to your body as a guide for each technique used. We maintain focus and flow while integrating select techniques from: Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial therapy, orthopedic, hot stone, trigger point, muscle energy technique, essential oil and stretching therapies.

  • 10 minutes - $10 (one area of focus, through clothing)

  • 30 minutes - $50

  • 45 minutes - $65

  • 60 minutes - $80

  • 90 minutes - $105

  • 120 minutes - $135

Aromatouch Technique & Massage

Utilizes essential oils intended to relax, calm, and restore balance to your body and support your body systems.  Eight different essential oils and fractionated coconut oil are applied along the spine, ears, and feet and methodically dispersed.  When included with a massage, first the full oil application will be completed, then massage will follow.  

  • Aromatouch Technique
  • 30 minutes - $50
  • Aromatouch Technique & Massage:
  • 60 minutes - $95
  • 90 minutes - $120
  • 120 minutes - $150

Hot Stone Massage:

Utilizes basalt river stones, which are selected for their smooth texture and ability to maintain even heat. The stones are only heated for a safe duration; that will induce deep relaxation of your muscles. I use a combination of the warm, relaxing stones and my hands for more detail and pressure to give your body the greatest benefit.  Hot Stone Massage can be used for soothing, relaxing, stress relief or as an aide to deep tissue work by warming and softening the muscles to allow deeper tissues to receive therapy. 

  • 30 minutes - $65
  • 60 minutes - $95
  • 90 minutes - $120
  • 120 minutes - $150

Prenatal Massage:

A massage for expecting mothers! This massage will soothe stress and gently relieve tension from the many changes in the body. The discomfort from strain on the back, spreading of the hips, and swelling can all be improved by massage.

* Must be at least 13 weeks for massage. Please obtain your doctor's approval if your pregnancy is complicated.

  • 30 minutes - $50
  • 60 minutes - $80

Canine Massage:

If you have a furry family member who suffers from nervousness, chronic pain, or high standards for pampering, you may want to try canine massage! Like humans, dogs can benefit from the focused nurturing of massage.  While their physical structure is somewhat different from humans, dogs have many of the same muscles, bones, and body systems that humans do, and that means they get the same benefits from massage therapy! There is absolutely no shame in getting therapy for a dog in pain, a dog who suffers from high stress, or who just needs a little extra pampering! 

  • 30 minutes - $45
  • 60 minutes - $70

Sinus Treatment:

Utilizing hot towels, essential oil blends and reflex pressure points, this protocol opens sinuses, soothes and calms the tissues of the  respiratory system, and can relieve sinus pressure and headaches! 

  • 45 minutes - $50
  • add on to session - $10