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527 Fountain Row Southwest
Huntsville, AL, 35801
United States


Welcome to Culori Healing Arts!

Mindful Massage


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Carol Labriola

Touch is a strong conduit of communication and I've always utilized it with comfort more than any other means.  It was at the suggestion of those who have benefited from my touch that I seriously considered massage therapy as a skill to pursue.  When in the dreamy freedom of my teens I discovered my interest in herbs and their endless benefits for our bodies, I found that I deemed massage to be a fitting counterpart to the natural healing I dreamed of doing with plants. Imoved from my hometown, Hoover,
Alabama, to Huntsville in 2008 to attend the Madison School of Massage Therapy where I found the study of human anatomy fascinating and intuitive.  The body systems enchanted me, so mystical do they seem in their drive to transform, create, repair - to do everything necessary to keep us alive and well! Kinesiology, the study of how the body moves, divided the muscular and skeletal systems into a series of basic functional mechanics--another innate interest of mine.  Following the passionate and skilled instruction of the MSMT teachers, in 2009 I passed the National Certification Exam for Therapeutic Massage and became a licensed massage therapist in Alabama. 

A busy day spa offered me my first 3 years of professional experience, giving me the opportunity to practice, practice, practice! During that time I was trained in exquisite relaxation and pampering techniques according to the standards of the world-renowned Heavenly Spas. I strongly believe in the physical and mental benefits of super-relaxing massages, and I love giving them...

But my learning wasn't meant to stop there!  I spent the next three years working hard at a chiropractic clinic honing efficacy of
my treatments.  It was during this time that my clientele revealed to me that my specialty lies in pain management.  For some people, that means keeping stress under control with ultimate relaxation massages. For others, its about working the deep layers of muscles and tissues, encouraging them to realign and glide smoothly to reduce daily pain.  Each person, each massage session, calls for an attentive approach for the subtle needs of the tissues to be met.  That's what I do: Mindful Massage.

I've been working for myself since 2014 under my business name, Culori Healing Arts.  Now I'm thrilled to be part of Huntsville's Healing Arts Center at the gorgeous new location!

You can schedule full-length sessions with me, as well as focused treatments for headaches, sinus troubles, head-hand-feet revitalizing sessions, doTerra's Aromatouch essential oil technique, and I've been known to do the occasional hot stone massage.